Sports for Life – Camp Nepal är ett projekt som drivs av IF Böljan, Falkenberg och Chhahari Europe tillsammans med olika volontärer. I december 2015 var tanken att anordna en fotbollsturnering för enbart flickor i Kathmandudalen. Tyvärr har jordbävningen och den pågående blockaden gjort att programmet ändrats till att hålla träningar, utbildning och föreläsningar till ett färre antal flickor (och pojkar). För mer info kontakta Jari ”South” Kinnunen >>

Här en liten rapport från årets Sports for Life:

The children – current status

There are currently 18 well-being young people at the hostel, 5 more will arrive in the beginning of 2016. Sagar is nowadays taking care of many things and working at hostel and the school nearby as teacher.


Sports for Life – Camp 2015

11 people from Sweden/Finland joined Sports for Life project (all accounted for their own expenses). 3 days of football practice for girls and diverse presentations at the school was on the program. During 3 days about 200 girls from 4 different schools and the Chhahari hostel participated. Presentations for teachers and students comprised topics as Sweden, Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), presentation techniques, Corporate social responsibility (CSR), trail-running, human rights, UN and more.

The hostel – some improvements

Some painting on walls inside was made with the assistance from a professional painter. The floors in two rooms were insulated and a new carpet was put on to better keep warm when sitting on the floor. Also two First-Aid kits were delivered. And a lot shirt, jerseys, short and socks were brought by everybody, specially the socks comes handy when it is cold and with the current situation in Nepal.


Situation Nepal

With the onset of winter many families are struggling to sleep at night because of the cold. The fuel shortages have made things worse, no cooking oil, kerosene oil and the price of food has gone sky high. Nothing has changed since the earthquake and the level of pain and difficulty is just getting worse.” Read more (The Guardian)>>

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

We wish you all a Merry Christmas & Happy New and better Year for 2016.