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News – Short Update

Annual Meeting

New Board Member

We would like to welcome mr Steven Galloway on the board of Chhahari Europe. Steven has a background as a professional player and coach in football (soccer, for you in US). Steven joined us on the Sports for Life Camp in Nepal in December 2015. We welcome Steven and the efforts he is doing for Chhahari.

Steve lär ut grundläggande tekniker

The Children of Chhahari

The children are all doing well – here together with Christine Casey (March 2016).

Sagar Ghimire – one of the children is now teacher at SAGE

When the principal of Sagarmatha Educational Academy (a.k.a. SAGE) was asked years ago by our founder Christine Casey if he would accept into his school 23 children who did not have families caring for them, he assumed there would be many social and academic problems. We are beyond proud to say that his fears were not only unfounded – but our Chhahari children are among the top students, and known as the most kind and helpful kids in the entire school. Our eldest, Sagar Ghimire, graduated with honors – and is now teaching at SAGE. We are very proud of that fact and of Sagar of course.

Sagar Ghimire

Sagar Ghimire –  now a teacher

Nepal Camp 2016

This year we just call it Camp 2016 because of the varying activities. The general time plan spans from w48 to w50 as follows (anyone who wants to can of course stay shorter or longer):

  • Week 48: 28/11 to 4/12
  • Week 49: 5/12 to 11/12
  • Week 50: 12/12 to 18/12

Activities at the hostel and school

  • Spending time with the children, playing, take them to restaurants, movies, etc.
  • Fixing things in the hostel like painting, refurbishing, etc.
  • Lectures at the school (SAGE), programs for both for teachers and students.
  • 2 days of sports (e.g. football, trail-running), programs for both for teachers and students.
Sports for Life december 2015
Sports for Life - ledare och lärare på skolan SAGE


  • About 5-6 days trekking in the Himalayan mountain range (up to 4000-5000 m). I am together with Dawa looking into several possibilities for you to both get the views and to meet the Nepalese people and culture.
 Dawa visiting in his home village.

Travel and Accommodation

All travel and accommodation expenses will be paid by yourself directly. We recommend accommodation at Dawas house – The Family Home Stays. The home is located on the North side of Kathmandu Valley only 5 Km from Tribhuvan International Airport. It is less conventional but gives a deeper cultural experience living in a joint family system – the Nepalese way. Within this large loving family you share a table and meal with young and old alike. The traditional Nepalese home cooked meals are prepared in the kitchen from home grown organic vegetables. We make sure everyone involved in the home stay will have a welcoming, safe and enjoyable cultural experience.

You can find our guide to travel and accommodation in Swedish HERE >>

Join us – submit your interest

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